Are you worse off financially since your multiple sclerosis diagnosis? Maybe you’ve encountered unexpected expenses, or had to work fewer hours or stop working altogether. Regardless, there are programs and strategies specifically designed to better educate people with disabilities about topics such as the impact of work on benefits, or favorable tax deductions for the disabled. Join the National Disability Institute for their new Financial Wellness Webinar Series sponsored by Acorda Therapeutics. Registration, available for free at, will give you access to this year’s webinar series, held on the third Wednesday of every month:

  • July 17: Financial Education – Charting a Course to Financial Wellness
  • August 21: Your Home – Owning, Refinancing & Modifying
  • September 18: Social Security Disability Insurance – The Impact of Work on Benefits
  • October 16: Prolonging Work Supports to Keep You on the Job
  • November 20: The NEW Healthcare Changes and You
  • December 18: Favorable Tax Deductions for Individuals with Disabilities

If you’re unable to attend any of these dates, the webinars will be archived at

During each webinar, experts from organizations like the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation share their insider knowledge on topics including:

  • Owning, refinancing, and modifying your home
  • Impact of work on benefits and supports to prolong employment
  • How new healthcare reforms impact you
  • Favorable tax deductions

Following each expert presentation, webinar participants have an opportunity to ask questions relating to personal experiences. It’s a great chance to share your financial challenges with professionals who can point you in the right direction. Guest speakers who live with multiple sclerosis offer a peer perspective during each webinar as well. There are tools available to help you manage money, understand rights and responsibilities, anddevelop a smart savings and investment plan for the future. It’s not always easy to find financial education resources and information tailored for the unique challenges faced by the multiple sclerosis community. This webinar series is a great opportunity to start planning for a financially stable future. Take action and improve your financial wellness.