Don’t be afraid or ashamed of the fact that you may need to make changes in your lifestyle to make room for MS. These might be small adjustments or big changes, but if you need to do it, then go for it and don’t look back. Once you do take that first step and admit to yourself – and maybe to others – that you need to adjust some things around the house and in your life, then you’ll heave a big sigh of relief and feel more in control and independent.

Happily, people with MS have a whole host of ways and devices that make their life run more smoothly with less stress and challenge. Some good suggestions:

Buy a walking pole or cane – Even people without MS use a walking pole when they hike and they are wonderful tools. Good ones ‘telescope’ which means they can be adjusted for various heights and terrain changes, so that you can use them for going up or down stairs as well as on flat surfaces. Most outdoor activity stores stock walking poles, so check one out. Canes are good too, though you might want to purchase an adjustable folding cane so it’s more versatile.

Upgrade bathroom safety features – No one wants to fall during a shower or while trying to get up from the toilet seat. There are lots of bathroom accessories designed to make it a safer place for you. Shower grab bars are great fall preventers; so are safety bars next to the toilet. If you sometimes struggle to stand for the length of a shower, buy a shower chair and relax in a seated position while you take your morning or evening shower. You might even consider installing a safety warning system in the bathroom which enables you to pull a cord that alerts others in the home if you’ve fallen (and can’t get up). Look into a hair dryer stand, which holds the dryer for you while you dry and style your hair.

Add these kitchen tools – One tool that seems to be a favorite for those who enjoy cooking is a tall rotating stool that provides better access to kitchen countertops. And speaking of countertops, some MS aids include reconfiguring the kitchen countertop to either lower it or raise it so you work more comfortably in the hub of the home. Consider replacing your kitchen faucet with one that has only a single lever for easier operation. Make sure you can reliably reach electrical outlets and light switches – if not, these are easy to move.

There are lots of other MS aids that you may want to investigate, including wheelchairs when the time is right. Make your life easier and less stressful by designing an environment that works for you, not against you.