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Living with MS: The Top 5 Mobile Apps to Get You Through the Day

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. According to IDC Research, 79% of people ages 18–44 have their mobile phones with them 22 hours per day. So it only makes sense that mobile apps might be a big part of managing your multiple sclerosis on a daily basis. In keeping with our mission to provide helpful, informative,…


Globetrottin’ Tips

Dust off that suitcase. It’s time for a VACATION! But before you start sightseeing, set your sights on these travel tips that’ll help make your trip hassle-free. Here are five simple tips to make your vacation smooth sailing. Or flying. Or driving. Well, you get the idea. Download the PDF below that includes helpful tools for planning your trip, packing and travel…

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Take Charge of Your Health in the Mobile World

“Thanks to advancements in technology, a revolution in data-driven personal health monitoring (often referred to as “self-quantification”) has become possible. This revolution is changing the face of health care as we know it,” according to Chris Wood, Editor of Extraordinary Technology with Casey Research.1 In fact, in a recent study of Multiple Sclerosis patients, 89% of the participants believe tracking…


Taking Care of Business

Tables. Sometimes, it’s helpful to see how someone else copes in a situation similar to yours. This table shows a number of strategies developed by people with MS and how they apply these strategies. Ask yourself the tough questions. Use the checklist in the second table to evaluate everything thoroughly. If an outside opinion is needed, you’ll also find a…


Daily Living Journal

Tired of always having a large list of things to do and never being able to accomplish everything? A daily journal is an easy and productive way to achieve your goals, make you feel better, and keep important items that need to be accomplished organized so that you can go about your week with peace. In the provided daily living…


Adherence Self Assessment

Adherence is the practice of following through, which is crucial when it comes to taking your medications. With this helpful checklist, you can evaluate yourself to see if you’re as committed to your medication plan as you need to be.

Planning for Financial Wellness

Planning for Financial Wellness

Are you worse off financially since your multiple sclerosis diagnosis? Maybe you’ve encountered unexpected expenses, or had to work fewer hours or stop working altogether. Regardless, there are programs and strategies specifically designed to better educate people with disabilities about topics such as the impact of work on benefits, or favorable tax deductions for the disabled. Join the National Disability…

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